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Available now

The Art of Virtue-Based Transformational Leadership is available NOW.

Purpose matters

You don’t need a formal position of leadership to make a difference.

You can have the impact you want without an executive job title, going back to school or having a full bank account. It doesn’t take a lot of money, time or special connections to make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Whether you are a CEO or a high school student, you can have a powerful sense of purpose in your life. You can play a unique role in restoring hope to a leaderless world.

No experience necessary

No matter who you are, you have everything you need to be a leader, right now.

bookOur new book shows you how to unlock your potential and unleash your impact, right in your own sphere of influence. The Art of Virtue-Based Transformational Leadership demonstrates that ANYONE with relationships of any kind has a platform and a calling to lead.

As our recent blog post, The Necessity of Purpose, points out, every human has an innate need to discover and embody his or her “something more.”

If purpose is a necessity, we cannot help but strive for it like we do any other necessity, whether food, water or air. Read more here.

Anyone can lead

The simple truth is that anyone can lead.

Yet, so few of us manage to use our skills and gifts to their full capacity. And most of us have no idea how we impact others, though we do so every day. In fact, most significant leadership occurs daily, in the small moments of our lives.

Imagine using easy-to-implement tools—tools that have proven successful in families, churches, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and companies–to maximize your leadership potential in your own sphere, big or small.

What if you could put some fairly simple principles to work so that you could grow your impact through courage, action, optimism and hope on a daily basis?

In our new book, we encapsulate what we have learned and developed through years of teaching, coaching, consulting, leading and living* through the 4-R Model of Transformational Leadership. This book will inspire you to lead from the heart in every area of your life.

Written with you in mind

Our book unpacks the 4-R Model in a way that anyone can understand.

We illustrate each aspect of the model with fascinating stories of real life leaders from antiquity to the present day. Business leaders, non-profit leaders, church leaders and parents will all find the book accessible and immediately applicable to their leadership challenges and opportunities.



Seeking to transform your book club, church small group or office?  Contact us directly for quantities of 25 and up. We also offer a 20% discount for book orders over 100.






Endorsed by

“So clear and immediately practical…”

“The 4-R Model changed my life and leadership…I use it every day in my personal life and corporate community. It transforms how you lead and the lives you influence.”

“An inspiring and timely read for enlightened leaders.”

“The essence of this model reshaped our approach to leadership development and is used today as our global leadership framework.” – Steve Sellers, Vice President, Cru

“In my experience as a business leader and adjunct professor I have personally found the 4-R Model of Transformational Leadership to be an effective theoretical and developmental framework that is as practical as it is powerful. These two authors use wonderful examples of ancient and modern leadership to make the model come alive for today’s aspiring leaders.” – James B. Green, Former CEO, Kemps

Read more reviews here.