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The Art of Virtue-Based Transformational Leadership is designed with you in mind.

Business leaders, non-profit leaders, church leaders and parents will find the book accessible and immediately applicable to their leadership challenges and opportunities.


And for those who don’t have a formal leadership role, this book will encourage you to influence your world right where you live.


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While few of us will occupy a position like Nehemiah, with a significant platform and outcomes of historic proportion, all of us are called to make a difference where we are. Anyone with relationships has a platform. It might be your family, your sports team, or your division at work, but we encourage you to consider your platform—the people that may be influenced through your interactions with them.

Most of us have no idea how we will impact others. As we move through life, we can be catalysts and set in motion things that will produce chain reactions beyond anything we can imagine. We simply do not know the ripple effect or the number of people who may be touched by our leadership.