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No matter where you find yourself, in a king’s palace or in a large corporation or a family, Mark McCloskey and Jim Louwsma show you how to make a significant positive difference both in the lives of the people you’re leading and in the outcomes you’re pursuing.

– ANDREA BUCZYNSKI, Vice President Global Leadership Development/HR—Cru

The 4-R Model changed my life and leadership. It’s a user-friendly diagnostic tool that readily gets you on the solution side of problems. It’s a leadership compass that helps you know where to go and how to get there. I use it every day in my personal life and corporate community. It transforms how you lead and the lives you influence.

– JOEL JOHNSON, Senior Pastor—Westwood Community Church

If you need to build a culture that both matters and has staying power, read this book! Jim and Mark have captured the essence of how being a transformational leader is today’s best way forward using relevant lessons from our past. It is inspiring and timely reading for enlightened leaders.

– JOE MARZANO, President and CEO—Martius Group LLC

The essence of this model reshaped our approach to leadership development and is used today as our global leadership framework. 

– STEVE SELLERS, Vice President, Cru

In my experience as a business leader and adjunct professor I have personally found the 4-R Model of Transformational Leadership to be an effective theoretical and developmental framework that is as practical as it is powerful. These two authors use wonderful examples of ancient and modern leadership to make the model come alive for today’s aspiring leaders. 

– JAMES B. GREEN, Former CEO, Kemps

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