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Leadership Training. Why Now?

Leadership is a hot topic. Hundreds of books and articles have been written, and thousands of leadership seminars and training programs have launched in the last two decades. Leadership development is a billion-dollar industry–and growing.

Two concerns drive this increased interest.

First, there is widespread and growing concern for the quality of our leaders, as well as the quality of our organizational life after decades of moral erosion and loss of consensus on core values.

Too many leaders are dedicated to personal ascendancy at the expense of the public interest. Too many leaders willingly sacrifice personal integrity and the public trust on the altar of self-serving agendas and the preservation of power. Not surprisingly, our public institutions, from business to government to non-profit organizations are increasingly characterized by lack of vision, cynicism and distrust–all symptoms of “leaderlessness”.

Second, there is a growing concern about the effectiveness of 21st century business enterprises and public institutions in light of hyper-competition, growing complexity and the increasingly rapid rate of change.

Third, many are confused about management and leadership, and much leadership today is transactional in nature, which typically does not lead to high levels of organizational engagement.

So what are today’s leaders to do?

Welcome to the Lead2Transform Virtue Based Leadership Experience!

Preparing emerging and established leaders for what’s next.

At Lead2Transform, we deliver an exceptional, transformational leadership  experience through:

  • Virtue based, proprietary leadership content
  • Individual learning track
  • Customized coaching
  • Developing leadership capability via a Learning Covenant connected to your current role
  • Equipping learners to develop virtue based leadership habits to make a real difference at work, at home and beyond

How it works:

  • Cohort based model. Our next cohort begins September 2018
  • Intensives are held one Friday per month from 9 AM to 5 PM in Mendota Heights
  • In between intensives, learners will have reading and assignments
  • Each learner receives 4 coaching sessions from highly qualified and experienced coaches
  • Our intensives are discussion based around learning virtue and transformational leadership
  • We use a proprietary leadership model that allows learners to evaluate their leadership and also serves as an evaluative tool to diagnose leadership issues in their workplace
  • Hands on, interactive program focused on Moving The Needle in terms of individual growth and leadership development

Iron sharpens iron–we are an application based program. We want leaders who are ready to learn, stretch and grow.

Ready to get started? Contact us for more information on how Lead2Transform can prepare you for what’s next!

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